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We offer a large selection of Point-Of-Sale solutions for your color formulation needs.
These programs are designed for stores and retail locations, they are simple, user-friendly and specifically designed for not specialized personnel.
All applications are designed to handle different store locations (with different dispensing configurations) using a unique standardized user's interface..
All packages are fully compatible with formulas generated by ColorD4 and with the most popular colorant dispensers.

Get more information about our OpenTINT freeware application.

Target markets:

Application / market


Small stores using manual dispensers.
We have the perfect solution for low budget tinting systems. All the required formula book features are included in a Freeware license scheme. Extremely simple to use.


Store with manual or automatic dispensers.
For more demanding applications LogiTINT adds dispenser interface, label printing, local formula database and a complete color complements automatic selection.


Color matching without instrument.
Using MatchTINT a complete color matching application (advanced look-up) can be realized at a very affordable cost. Competitors and standards colors can be matched to each paint line. No need to purchase and maintain expensive color instruments.


Color matching using low cost chromameter or spectrophotometer.
Where sample matching (advanced look-up) is required, this solution provides an affordable alternative to expensive commercial implementations. Easy to use even for not specialized personnel.


Color matching using commercial spectrophotometers.
Specific spectrophotometers can be interfaced with our software to provide full color matching functionality. Our POS color matching engines are based on reliable Fuzzy logic algorithms specifically designed for point-of-sales applications.


Paint companies or large retail chains.
In this field we can provide customized software with unique user's interface and included features. Specific Web or Intranet based applications can be created.



Electronic formula book with realistic on-screen colors.
User friendly graphic interface.
Color selection by code, name or fandeck position.
Multi-language (Kanji, Chinese, Russian, Greek...) userís interface.
Formulas can be handled by volume or by weight.
Handles multiple paint manufacturers and product lines.
Manages local custom formulation database.
Automatic advertising with custom graphics on stand-by.

Popular options:

Label printer interface.
Fast search and formulation of competitorsí colors.
Spectrophotometer or chromameter based color selection.
Full color matching system (compatible with popular spectrophotometers).
Automatic dispenser interface (compatible with all major equipments).
Bar-code identification of bases and products.

Supported platforms:

Windows, from XP all the way to 8
Mac OS-X
Web servers, CGI extensions
iPad, iPhone and Android
xDOS and embedded systems